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200 Hour Teacher Training FAQs

Our expert teaching team will guide you on your journey to uncover the meaning of yoga and transform your life. Through asana, self inquiry, group discussion and sutra study you will develop teaching skills that will enrich and inspire you for a lifetime.

25/50/300 Hour Advanced Training Intensives

200hr TT NYC Feb 2 – Apr 15

(NYC) Feb 02 - Apr 15

200hr TT NYC Feb 2 – Apr 15

  • (NYC) Feb 02 - Apr 15 Friday 6-9p/ Sat and Sun 2:30-7:30p

To learn more about our 2018 Winter/Spring Teacher Training, attend either of our Info Meetings on Dec 8, 2017 or Jan 5, 2018, both at 7pm  –  RSVP today!

Laughing Lotus Yoga Center has been an innovator in teacher training since 1999. Over the past fifteen years we have graduated over 2000 students. Many of our alumni have become some of the most respected teachers in the world.

Celebrated as a Teacher of teachers, Director Dana Flynn has designed a powerful program infused with creativity. Dana brings her passion and wisdom to every teacher training, sharing the principles of Lotus Flow.

Lotus’ expert teaching team will be your guide on this life-changing journey to uncover the meaning of yoga and transform your life. Through asana, self-inquiry, group discussion and sutra study you will develop teaching skills that enrich your personal practice and inspire you on your path toward spiritual progress.

Yoga is about relationships and our time together asks for your active participation in our community. You will be assigned a mentor and partnered up with another soul seeker for weekly reflections. Expect homework, personal projects, in-class presentations and karma yoga that reflect our explorations and uphold our celebrated reputation. You must be able to fulfill ALL of the above requirements to complete your certification and receive your diploma.

Our Curriculum

  • Art of Lotus Flow Sequencing
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Asana
  • The Chakra System
  • Alignment and Anatomy
  • Intro to Sanskrit
  • Hands on Assists
  • Pranayama
  • Practice Teaching

Teaching Team

  • Mary Dana Abbott
  • Kenny Frisby
  • Ali Cramer
  • Sheri Celentano
  • Dana Trixie Flynn
  • Jaime Skolnick
  • Lauren Magarelli
  • Josh Michall
  • Tracy Maltz


A longing to inspire your practice and life!


Laughing Lotus Apprentice Program

Laughing Lotus Apprentice Program

Laughing Lotus offers a 3 month (12 Week) Program to graduates of our 200 & 300 Hour Yoga School Modules.

As a graduate, you are offered an intensive learning opportunity with the Laughing Lotus senior teacher. This is a space for you to immerse yourself in the Lotus Flow teaching style, under the guidance of an experienced Laughing Lotus teacher.

Graduates are invited to submit an application to be considered for acceptance. Considered applicants must have completed a 200 or 300Hr training program and a Hands On workshop (or 50hr module) with Laughing Lotus.

Apprentice Program Commitments

Initial Orientation Meeting

As a selected Apprentice, you are required to attend an initial Group Orientation with

Apprenticeship Director. During this session expectations and personal responsibilities of the Apprentice are made clear. There is time for Q&A.

Program Fee

Pay in Full = $490
12 Week Installments = $44/wk

*Program Fee includes class access at Laughing Lotus for the duration of the program ; a Lotus tee.
**Apprentices are given priority to attend and assist any external Laughing Lotus events that fall in their intake period. E.g. Bryant Park, Rooftop, Summer Solstice.

Our Curriculum

Teaching Team

  • Lotus Senior Teachers


Open to graduates of our 200 & 300hr Yoga School Modules.

1. Apprentices are assigned to assist one (1) weekly class with their mentor.

-  You are required to arrive 20 minutes before class starts wearing proper attire (explained at orientation);
-  Help set up the room & greet students;
-  The Apprentice will be briefed on the class intention by their mentor, and provided anyinformation relevant to the Apprentices role as a class assistant.
-  Post-class the Apprentice & Mentor will debrief the class. This session is to be a 5 minutecheck-in. The purpose is to gauge the level of learning experience.
-  The Apprentice is responsible for attending all 12 classes. In the event of inability to attend,there will be a sub-procedure in place.

2. Each Apprentice is required to teach a Community Classes during their 12 Week Program. The Mentor will attend and provide a 30 minute coaching session post-class. Coaching will be documented and given to apprentice.

3. Each Apprentice participates in the scheduled monthly filmed class series. Minimum attendance is one class per monthly film series.

25/50/300 Hour Advanced Training Intensives FAQs

Our advanced trainings attract, challenge and cultivate independent thinkers with the longing to create meaningful lives. Laughing Lotus has created a unique path toward advanced certification with 50-hour intensives, offered in either 6-day or 4-weekend formats throughout the year. Fly solo with any one program, or combine six to create a customized 300-hour certification, allowing you to register at the 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance (see FAQ for program requirements).

200 Hour Teacher Training

Bridge to Lotus Flow (BK) Apr 6 – 8

(BK) Apr 06 - Apr 08

Bridge to Lotus Flow (BK) Apr 6 – 8

  • (BK) Apr 06 - Apr 08 FRI 4-8; Sat & Sun 8-5P

This 25hr Lotus Flow™ Immersion is designed for Certified yoga teachers ready to dive deep into the unique Lotus Flow™ tool box for inspired teaching.  Lotus Flow™ threads powerful yogic philosophy through bold sequencing, devotional singing and ecstatic community connection.

Steeped in the lineage of innovation and transformation, we share timeless practices in a fresh and liberated way.   With this training you will learn the structure of Lotus Flow and how to sequence thoughtfully and creatively.
Transform your practice, ignite your teaching and connect more truly to the teacher within.
***Bridge to Lotus Flow TM 25hr is a prerequisite to the Lotus Flow Super Sequencing 50hr Program.

Our Curriculum

  • Lotus Flow Architecture
  • Chakras & Super Sequencing
  • Threading the Spiritual Theme
  • Practice Teaching (25 Hours includes required homework & assignments)

Teaching Team

  • Sheri Celentano
  • Kenny Frisby


Minimum 200hr Certification from any registered 200hr School of Yoga


  • Early Bird $425 if paid in FULL by March 6/ FULL Tuition $525
  • *Payment Information included in Acceptance Letter
  • *FULL Tuition is due ONE week prior to school start date;
  • *Cancellation/ Refund window closes 2 weeks prior to school start date; all monies forfeited thereafter